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Google Updates = Scare Campaigns

The recent updates to Google's search algorithms have prompted many web development business to send out scare campaign newsletters - but are they true?

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A Simple SEO Test

Here's a quick test to see if your website can be found in the major search engines!

If someone knows about your business, and they want to find it quickly online, they'll typically do a search in their favourite search engine, rather than trying to remember your domain name.

So - here's a quick test.

Go to Google (or Bing) and type your business name straight into the search box.

Ideally, your website will rank first!

If it doesn't show here at all, you've got some work to do.

The other issue to take a good look is this - what shows up in the actual result for your business? Is the title and description an accurate (and enticing) reflection of your business?

We all know that first impressions count - make sure your business is represented well in the search engines, and you've got a head start over your competitors!