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The recent updates to Google's search algorithms have prompted many web development business to send out scare campaign newsletters - but are they true?

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How much will it cost?

A common question, with a different answer for just about everyone!

As you can imagine, every project we work with is different - one might need a Content Management System, whereas another might not. One might require a Blog section, another might not.

There are many factors taken into account when putting together a Proposal for the development of your website. It's important that we sit down and chat with you about how you want your website to look and perform, before we can begin to price it.

We're big believers in addressing YOUR goals and objectives.

This may come as a surprise, as not all web developers out there actually keep this in mind. They're more concerned about getting you signed up, taking your money and finishing as quickly as possible so they can move on to the next 'client'.

So what's involved?

When we put together a Proposal, these are the elements that we take into consideration:

Design Concepts

Do you want just one design concept, or more to choose from? Each of our concepts are uniquely designed (that means no store-bought templates!), to match your existing corporate logo and colour scheme.

We usually allocate 6 hours per concept (around $800).

Conversion of Design Concepts to HTML / CSS

This is an important part of the process, as it sets the structure of the code 'behind' your pages. If it's not done correctly, it could have an adverse effect on your search engine rankings, as well as accessibility to a wider range of users.

We usually allocate 4 hours (around $530).

Content Management System

Do you want to be able to manage the website content yourself, or would you rather that JKB Web Solutions looks after it?

A Content Management System will add to the initial cost of development, but can save you a great deal over time (as you make updates yourself).

We usually allocate 5 hours (around $660), but this does change, depending on the complexity of the CMS functionality required. For example, Blog pages or Latest News Articles will add to this cost.

We also include around 2 hours for training in the use of the CMS, along with a personalised User Guide.

Search Engine Optimisation

We already build our websites with search engine optimisation in mind. You can, however, choose to have additional competitor research and keyword analysis done, to make sure you're targeting the right people. This can be an additional extra for $330.00.

Number of Pages

We usually allocate 1.5 hours PER PAGE (around $200), and multiply it by the number of pages. This includes making sure the content is search engine optimised, and setting it out on the page in an easy to read format, with appropriate headings, links and so on. We also ensure that the Page Headings and Meta Description Tags accurately convey the meaning of each page, assisting with search engine optimisation.

Complexity of Pages

If some of the pages in your website are more complex (e.g. they have forms, or retrieve data from another section of the website), this will add to the overall cost of the development.

Google Analytics and Google Places

We allocate 1 hour ($132.00) for the installation and setup of both Google Analytics (for comprehensive website analytics), and Google Places.

Ballpark Figure

So let's look at a 'standard' website, with around 10 pages, including two unique Design Concepts and a Content Management System. You'd be looking at roughly $5,000.00 to get that site up and running.

It's important to remember that we offer guarantees with our work - for example, we'll guarantee that our Proposal includes everything discussed at our meeting, and describes it in clear, easy to understand terms (so that you know exactly what you're getting). We also guarantee that you'll be 100% happy with your Design Concept - if it needs adjusting, we'll work with you until you're completely satisfied.

We believe it's our friendly, trustworthy service that sets JKB Web Solutions apart from the competition. The best way to find out is to arrange an appointment!