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Google Updates = Scare Campaigns

The recent updates to Google's search algorithms have prompted many web development business to send out scare campaign newsletters - but are they true?

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About JKB Web Solutions

So, why do you want to know more about JKB?

Well, it's simple. Because life (and business) is about the PEOPLE you work with, and develop relationships with.

If you don't feel comfortable with the people involved in such a critical part of your business as your website, then why keep working with them?

It's actually all about YOU!

Sure, the technical 'know-how' is important (and we've certainly got that from nearly 10 years of experience) - that's how your website gets built properly in the end. However, it's even more important (in our minds) that we get your goals and objectives right - that way, everyone knows the direction in which to head.

As the owner of JKB Web Solutions, my core focus is to get the best result for your business, through the websites that we build.


It means chatting with you, learning more about you and your business, and where you want to take your business in the future.

THAT'S the difference between JKB Web Solutions and all the rest - it's not all about us, and how great we are - it's about YOU, and how great you can be!